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Fatal Attraction


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Product Description

Hey boys! I’m Fatal Attraction. You’ve felt it since the moment you’ve laid eyes on me. I’m a sexy tattooed nudist. I’m a professional model, published in print, promos and top tattoo magazines. I’m a dancer, activist, 420 friendly, and maker of custom videos and clips. I know exactly how to keep you entertained.

Check out my public Instagram account @fatalattraction93 if you like what you see and you want my private photos and videos then you’re in the right place!

Here’s how my account works!

I don’t have a regular Snapchat!!! Only my premium!!! I save all the extra revealing snaps for my subscription account. Plus you’ll get to chat with me whenever you like! On my premium you’ll get lots of sexy NSFW naughty snaps of me getting freaky. You definitely won’t be bored watching me! =)

Personal Snap Menu:

10 Minute of Chat Time- $35

2 Day Girlfriend Experience- $250

4 Day Girlfriend Experience- $450

5 Minute Camera Roll Show- $120

2 Feet Videos- $25

2 Feet Photos- $20

4 Bottomless Video- $40

4 Bottomless Pictures- $30

Dance with Me!!!- $40

2 Personal Snap Pictures- $15

2 Persnal Snap Videos- $20

3 Custom Full Nude Pictures- $75

3 Custom Full Nude Pictures- $85

4 Full Nude Pictures- $55

4 Full Nude Pictures- $65

4 Topless Photos- $35

4 Topless Videos- $40

Full Nude Pictures- $30

Full Nude Video- $38

Nude Twerk Video- $45

Topless Photo- $25

Topless Video-$28

Twerk- $12


I try to get to everyone right away, but I can be very busy, so please give me at least 48 hours to add you or send your snaps!


Additional Information

Personal Snaps

2 Feet, 2 Non-nude Personal Snap, 4 Bottomless, Dance with Me, Choose a Content Type, 4 Full Nude, 4 Topless, Nude Twerk, Twerk, Topless, Full Nude, 3 Custom Full Nude


Choose a Medium, Pictures, Videos, Picture, Video


10 Minutes of Chat Time, 2-Day Girlfriend Experience, 4-Day Girlfriend Experience on Snapchat, 5 Minute Camera Roll Show, Find Out My Regular Snapchat Name, Get a Pair of My Used Panties, Choose an Option, Tip Me For Some Extra Love


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